Introducing the new BFT Maxima Ultra 36

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new BFT Maxima Ultra 36. A fantastic re-engineered automatic barrier suitable for very high frequency use.

Perhaps the best feature we, at RamsayHolmes, love is the multi-coloured LED crown mounted at the top of the cabinet. Whilst this may not be a feature at the top of everyone’s list we really do love it! It’s the little things that impress us. This LED can act as a visual traffic light ‘green’ for go and also changes colour if a fault develops meaning you will know what type of fault is occurring depending on the colour that is displayed. This makes it easier for you to report your fault and for our engineers to provide a first time fix!

• Continuous use
• Oil bath gear motor
• Manage openings up to 6m
• Self-diagnostics function
• Asynchronous three-phase motor with inverter
• Control panel under the cap and compatible with U-Link
• Three access points for simplified maintenance
• Anti-vandal protection with connecting rod-crank system

Please call us on 01953 603550 to get your automatic barrier quote

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